Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why GodLikeProductions is CIA and NSA and Air Force Funded Project

The internet has many cesspools, however, ONE website truly is the anus of the information & technology age.

That website is

First off, GLP is an AWESOME site... You won't find entertainment anywhere else...

ONLY because GLP has SO MUCH to hide.

You won't find many Internet Forums, where every single moderator is a CIA or NSA agent.

Or who the owners are funded and promote the Jewish Media Cartels.

Jason Lucas aka ^TrInItY^ made a shitload of cash programming spyware software, and generating millions through clickthrough advertising.

Unfortunately he happens to be jewish, so his plan for the entire internet was a VISION of it being a spyware infested zoo, where paying internet customers had to "be infected with spyware" because the internet is not free, according to Trinity. According to Trinity... The internet is like cable TV... You buy a subscription to cable TV... then, you MUST be infected with advertisements... Because, you know, money really is everything, right?


GLP is fucked up.

All the moderators have connections to Intelligence agencies.

The Administrators and Moderators NEVER ban the agents who spread disinformation... specifically Chemtrail threads, Mossad/Bush connection, 9/11 truth, 9/11 Mossad connection etc etc...

If Trinity ever gets his head examined, he should realize he's a sellout to Humanity by supporting and working with terrorists.

And Trinity and his friends will realize, once you sellout Humanity, you won't be able to rejoin... EVER...

If you sellout HUMANITY, you aren't allowed to rejoin the ranks of self-aware humans.


GLP is a sellout organization.

GLP is a sellout organization. It is run by the Air Force, and supports various disgusting disinfo campaigns by the CIA and NSA.

Jason Lucas is director of some lame datamining collection project for the US Air Force in Eglin, Florida.

It shouldn't surprise you, that all his fat & disgusting shill friends, also happen to be from Florida, mostly, including SnakeAirlines (CIA), G. House (Fat chemtrail agent extraordinaire, he's not really NSA, but the NSA pays for his donut batter), The Guy (CIA), and Dunan "donuts" Kunz (Who also happens to be a fat disusting piece of crap working for Boeing... Gee.. Do we see a trend here?)

All these geezer shills needed a habitat to thrive in, and that is what Jason Lucas provides. He provides comfort for his fat chemtrail shill friends. They're his pets. He along with SHR have created the perfect habitat for fat losers to reply and spam chemtrail threads on the internet... Probably because if too many people knew about the US Air Force's conspiracy's, they'd kill them.

Another thing to note, is that there aren't many INTERESTING posters on GLP anymore. Just shills, debunkers, robots and fat losers.

GLP is always bankrolled by 3-5 posters who inject originality.

Most of the people on GLP are Reptilians or Aliens.

Only a handful of posters on GLP have the potential to create ORIGINAL and NOVEL posts.

And those people figure out the truth, and probably get banned or whatever.

When you're posting on GLP, you can FEEL the mind control invading your conciousness.

I think, this is not always a DIRECT targeting, but when they are running your posts and profiling your posts/threads into their databases and psychologists are studying your reactions... Your mind KNOWS someone is spying on you.

GLP gives you that sort of vibes.

GLP will eventually collapse on itself.

All communities collapse, when overbanning/suppression and promotion of the shills conquers the original posters.

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash support disgusting freaks of nature like SnakeAirlines, Duncan Kunz, G. House & "The Guy" who are all alcoholic and prescription drug addicted shills. Jason Lucas supports these SHILLS instead of his community.

Notice how Trinity and SHR have banned THOUSANDS of people, but they still keep the diseased OLD shills on their site? Notice how Trin and SHR have allied themselves with weakness?

This will be their downfall.

It will be interesting to see what Trin or SHR does with their life, when their money dries up and their community withers away, and their air force & jewish media cartel financing disappears.

Should be interesting.

That's the thing about sellouts. Once you SELL OUT humanity... you can't rejoin HUMANITY anymore.

You sell out humanity, you're not allowed to rejoin the human community. Go play with the reptiles.


Is GLP a Tavistock/CIA/USAF/MOSSAD Dumping Ground?

There are many cesspools on the Internet.

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