Monday, June 1, 2009

Why are there so many CIA/NSA/USAF and MILITARY SPOOKS ON GLP?

Lots of people have made the connection that Jason Lucas aka ^TrInItY^ is actually the deputy director of an Air Force project called "TENA"...

How long Trinity has worked for the USAF is unclear, probably ever since he moved to Shalimar.

TENA might explain why there are so many CIA and NSA and Chemtrail spooks on TENA might just be the backend architecture used to connect the Disinfo agents and Government spooks together... It might be the same technology used to connect Stanford Research Institute & Tavistock with the Department of Defense & GLP...

Click here to see a video of TENA:

TENA - Jason Lucas/Trinity's pet project.

Why exactly are most of the moderators on GLP associated with Various Intelligence Agencies? Why does the moderator 4by2 have the same IP address as "NSA Whistleblower" James Casbolt... Who has proven to be a hoax, his website's underground alien base photographs were from a VIDEO GAME... So why exactly this "NSA Whistleblower" a moderator?

Why exactly is DrPostMan a moderator too? Who is also a CIA Information Agent who has been trolling and spreading disinfo on usenet forums for years.

Why is there a cretin named "The Guy" who is employed by the US Naval Forces, and has posted THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of replies to every single "Chemtrail Thread" on the site's existence?

TENA the USAF project may give you some clues about how Godlikeproductions is a testing ground for middleware software that connects and trains various organizations like Military, intelligence agencies & training/testing thinktanks TOGETHER...

The fact is, Jason Lucas is a sellout.

Trinity bleeds in green...

GLP & Mentally Ill & Mind Control

Do you ever wonder why Godlikeproductions has a disclaimer at the bottom of their website saying "We don't discriminate against the mentally ill!"

It's because, the Tavistock Institute was researching and studying how crazy people function.

It's because Stanford Research Institute was hired by the US Air Force to create psychological profiles of the posters who spread information regarding air crafts, UFO's and Chemtrails.

GLP needed mentally ill posters so evil thinktanks (Tavistock) and psychologists could study their behavior regarding Aliens, UFO's, Chemtrails etc... They even promoted one of the Psychologists as a moderator during the "peak" of SRI and Tavistock research.

Rather, they needed a pool of people who can be studied and targeted for mind control and psy-ops.

The Tavistock Institute and CIA are famous for experimenting mind control on people who are on drugs... SO... one of the goals for GodlikeProductions middleware datamining operations for the CIA/NSA/USAF/Jews etc was to test mind control and psy ops strategies in a Internet Community environment.

The next time you're at GLP... think about why "robot" like posters reply to threads & posts in a robot fashion... and ask yourself why the "CIA" agents have been on the site for so many years without being banned... And... Why they all seem to be living in Florida. Close to Eglin Air Force base.

Jason Lucas & his CIA/NSA/USAF faggot friends are all sellouts.

And if you're a sellout to Spiritual Humans... You're not allowed to rejoin their ranks.