Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is GLP a Tavistock/CIA/USAF/MOSSAD Dumping Ground?

There are many cesspools on the Internet.

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  1. No longer content with banning or belittling posters and datamining, they now totally hack your computers, listen to you at home via your own mic, give nuisance phone calls and send death threats. The new manager, Ghetto Monk, also seems to be fully entrenched in an online pedophile ring.

    1. How do you know this? Are these just guesses?
      I guess if Ghetto Monk really was like that he'd hide it very good...
      Everyone thinks they got banned for what truth they said, but the truth is they seem to just ban random ppl, I didnt post anything with my new IP and got banned.
      Most people are just completely paranoid and everyone thinks they get stalked by GLP, BULLSHIT if this was true GLP needed like 1000 workers.

  2. Brotherhood of death.
    Who co-adopted skull and bones.
    Skull n bones a clandestine fraternity for capable men to replace the Masonic order and bring in the new Church of Rome. So Rome separates from EU with Greece and become like the new Levant.

  3. Look up in conspiracy book

    Can be seen on hitter

    A homeless man gave me the 'do u know who I am?' Treatment amidst a stupid and trifling showdown as he proceeded to point to his tattoo