Monday, June 1, 2009

Why are there so many CIA/NSA/USAF and MILITARY SPOOKS ON GLP?

Lots of people have made the connection that Jason Lucas aka ^TrInItY^ is actually the deputy director of an Air Force project called "TENA"...

How long Trinity has worked for the USAF is unclear, probably ever since he moved to Shalimar.

TENA might explain why there are so many CIA and NSA and Chemtrail spooks on TENA might just be the backend architecture used to connect the Disinfo agents and Government spooks together... It might be the same technology used to connect Stanford Research Institute & Tavistock with the Department of Defense & GLP...

Click here to see a video of TENA:

TENA - Jason Lucas/Trinity's pet project.

Why exactly are most of the moderators on GLP associated with Various Intelligence Agencies? Why does the moderator 4by2 have the same IP address as "NSA Whistleblower" James Casbolt... Who has proven to be a hoax, his website's underground alien base photographs were from a VIDEO GAME... So why exactly this "NSA Whistleblower" a moderator?

Why exactly is DrPostMan a moderator too? Who is also a CIA Information Agent who has been trolling and spreading disinfo on usenet forums for years.

Why is there a cretin named "The Guy" who is employed by the US Naval Forces, and has posted THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of replies to every single "Chemtrail Thread" on the site's existence?

TENA the USAF project may give you some clues about how Godlikeproductions is a testing ground for middleware software that connects and trains various organizations like Military, intelligence agencies & training/testing thinktanks TOGETHER...

The fact is, Jason Lucas is a sellout.

Trinity bleeds in green...


  1. Howdy fellas, thx for posting your observations and analysis on this topic, excellent finds; I've just now connected the dots with GLP thing after watching & posting on GLP and eventually getting banned for posting too much actual data/info and using 'banned words' like Tavistock, etc. I tested this, It's amazing how fast the MODS are editing/deleting 'offending' posts; I mean I was using proxies to continue posting 'banned' material and tried various spellings, ie. Tsavicock = Tavistock , Rikki-Tikki-Tavvi-Stcok. All these were gone before I could even reply to my own post, 20 seconds at best, like they have a 1000 monkeys on a 1000 keyboards waiting to pounce. Thx again lads, GodSpeed...

    1. A thread was put on today a few minutes ago on glp about this site...key words....tavis stock....thread was deleted in minutes....

    2. A thread was put on today a few minutes ago on glp about this site...key words....tavis stock....thread was deleted in minutes....

      All the below are paid shills/gov op etc...
      Green girl

      At ATS...cointelpro too
      Proud bird...chemtrail poster denier...official plane expert for ats...All lies
      Goodolboy...911 poster..denier...always protecting the official version of 911...only posts in 911 forums
      Alouysius the Gail...another chemtrail denier

  2. They are poresenting a means, we have to help educate the ends. These guys are evil and on a short budget. Enjoy!

  3. Well this place might help you all

    They are giving away free blog sites and you can say what you want about what you want (with in the law and reason).

  4. Yeah, and also don't post about

  5. They deleted a thread I had exposing who the real "moran workers" are (gov. operatives, and people working for data mining operations) and then banned me.

    I'm glad I'm finally finding out about all of this, I wasted too much time there but I knew something was up

  6. I have posted at GLP for probably 2-3 years, and been repeatedly banned for posting 'non-kosher' views, usually when trying to expose things like the Holocaust Hoax, jewish power, etc. Usually the IP ban is lifted after about 2 weeks, and I can go back. I agree with the others posting here about the decline in GLP due to good posters being banned and apparantly leaving the site.

    A friend of mine and I just recently started a new forum dedicated to COMPLETE freedom of speech for truthseekers and anti-NWO activists.

    Here is the forum:
    Knowledge is Power - The Uncensored Free Speech Forum

    Everyone is welcome, especially those banned by GLP!

  7. This blog hasn't been updated for a while.

    The message on glp has now been deleted...

  8. Add "Senior Moderator", WONKISH to the list of cronies on GLP. We, The American Veterans Association just got a membership with GLP earlier this year to test out the site, posting about the City of Hargrave that has uncovered subversive activities by US, INC., et al.

    Wonkish came into our thread on the seriousness of things going on in Japan and proceeded with name-calling and stating "everything is fine in Japan". When asked to prove it we also put up a poll asking that question, "Is everything fine in Japan? We were banned

    The American Veterans Association did screen-captures of the entire episode before being banned. Add "Wonkish" to your list of cowards in America among other things.

  9. So, nothing since 2009 -- what's the update?


  10. I also recommend another site, KP is a good one but Lake Xeno is more open ended with 0 banned words and still room for conspiracies and knowledge.

    GLP is so in your face about their sheet I got frustrated long ago.

  11. I agree in-part with the basic bottomline theme of the report ( above ), I do not agree GodLikeProductions ( GLP ) is flush with enough green cash money as a result of their fraudulent Terms of Service ( TOS ), in-that there bulletin board service ( BBS ) is wholly designed to provacatively capture people's attention to frequently post intelligence based on private individual analysis, and then when those individual message post feeds come streaming in, GLP selectively extorts a minimum $10 membership fee to get GLP to lift a "ban" on each poster - tantamount to a bussiness financical fraud strengthened emotionally by each individual poster having been 'extorted to pay a fee on a so-called no charge public message forum'.

    I would like to begin a U.S. federal court Class Action lawsuit against GodLikeProductions ( GLP ) since I now have the proof of similaly situated victims.

    Anyone interested in sending a brief as to their own personal experiences that specifically coincide with TOS wire fraud and extortion banning, please either contact me or seek legal redress for your grievances through a professional advisor.

    Here ( below ) are a few of my posts under the GLP user name "RE":

    - - GLP

    TOPIC MESSAGE POSTS BY "RE" ( below ):

    America Food Intelligence -




    Terrorist Drone UFO Scheme For 2012 London Olympics -



    Thanks for your report. Hopefully it stimulates more people to actually 'do something' about fraud and extortion being allowed to continue over the internet by a website that already is clandestinely funded with U.S. tax dollars.

    Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Annex, host



  12. Godlikeproductions News:

  13. Screw GLP. There is something very evil going on there. They censor you like crazy. If your views don't coincide with what they want to promote, then you are gone. Period. The question is why? Well they aren't who they appear to be ladies and gentlemen.
    Go to

    Here you can post anything you want within the law, and it won't be censored ever. Leave those Glp idiots to crumble.

  14. got banned from there for using the word 'tavistock', really really strange.

  15. got banned because I haven't posted anything, just reading posts. Reallllly strange.

  16. Got banned, cause I won't follow their constantly request for registration.
    I saw replies, in which mods repeated wants to tempt users into drug consumption (in particular DMT) and as I didn't follow the 4th request to register, I've been banned permanently by IP... wtf - ?!?

  17. I got rid of my tv 7 years ago. I sugjest prayer. Not a faborable subject today. Stop trying to intelectualize everything.
    Its spring and l look forward to gardening.

  18. i got banned to literally seconds after posting the word tavistock. wasnt to bad over there, really liked the doom threads lul

  19. Post ANYTHING that is against current CIA or U.S.Government psyops programs, and you will get an INSTANT ban on GLP. It helps to be doing your GLP posting work at a major university like the University of Florida in Gainesville, where if you get banned at one computer, you can easily hop on over to another and log in and continue your work on GLP. And, since the CIA and NSA, etc is nothing else but a big Satanist colonies anyways (notice that means they are PURE EVIL ALWAYS), anything posted dealing with Hell, prophecies, true biblical Christianity, and anything anti-homosexual often gets threads deleted or an instant ban. You will have to learn through trial and error what flies, and what gets banned (or threads deleted.) The CIA and NSA and DoD or DHS moderatorss DO NOT like their program agenda being exposed!!!

    1. City and with in a minute my post was deleted under "Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)". I checked the tos and I didn't violate any of their rules that I could see, so I have to agree with you on this one.

    2. New baby York lon city it is mystery, I can't even get it to post on this site...